GIS Services

PAN Environ is equipped to meet the GIS needs of clients with up-to-date computer systems, robust state-of-the-art software (ESRI platform & Open Source), and specialized manpower capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information. We are developing, implementing, and supporting enterprise-wide GIS applications that require planning and testing at a higher level of support than smaller implementations. We provide services ranging from the design and implementation of complex environmental remediation projects to urban and seaport master planning. Our experts successfully implemented GIS as a major tool in planning, executing, and controlling mega projects in Middle East. The primary products/services are road network mapping, gasoline station mapping, seaport site feasibility surveys, Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping, wetland mapping, flood simulation modelling, oil spill response mapping, and socio-economic surveys.


Services we provide


  • Geo-database Design and Maintenance
  • Consultancy for Storage, Retrieval and Management of Geospatial Data
  • Mapping of Environmental Impacts and Damages
  • Utility/Facilities Management
  • Urban Planning
  • ESRI ArcSDE Service for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Development of Static and Dynamic GIS Applications
  • System Conceptual Design and Database Modeling
  • Data Automation and Conversion
  • Customized Application Design and Development
  • System Installation, Commissioning and Technical Support
  • GIS Web Design and Implementation
  • Training in GIS and Related Services
  • GIS based mobile application development